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Episode title Adapter/Writer Director 1stTx [1] Rpt [1] Archive
No Place Like Earth Stanley Miller/John Wyndham Peter Potter 04/10/65 22/07/66 b/wTR16
The Counterfeit Man Philip Broadley/Alan Nourse George Spenton-Foster 11/10/65 08/07/66 b/wTR16
Stranger in the Family David Campton Alan Bridges 18/10/65 15/07/66 b/wTR16
The Dead Past Jeremy Paul/Isaac Asimov John Gorrie 25/10/65 b/wTR16
Time in Advance Paul Erickson/William Tenn Peter Sasdy 01/11/65 b/wTR16
Come Buttercup, Come Daisy, Come...? Mike Watts Paddy Russell 08/11/65 12/08/66 b/wTR16
Sucker Bait Meade Roberts/Isaac Asimov Naomi Capon 15/11/65 05/08/66 b/wTR16
The Fox and the Forest Terry Nation/Ray Bradbury Robin Midgeley 22/11/65 n/e [2]
Andover and the Android Bruce Stewart/Kate Wilhelm Alan Cooke 29/11/65 29/12/65* n/e [2]
Some Lapse of Time Leon Griffiths/John Brunner Ray Jenkins 06/12/65 19/08/66 b/wTR16
Thirteen to Centaurus Stanley Miller/J.G.Ballard Peter Potter 13/12/65 26/08/66 b/wTR16
The Midas Plague Troy Kennedy Martin/
Frederick Pohl
Peter Sasdy 20/12/65 29/07/66 b/wTR16
The Machine Stops Kenneth Cavender & Clive Donner/E.M.Forster Philip Saville 06/10/66 15/04/67* b/wTR35
Frankenstein Mark II Hugh Whitmore Peter Duguid 13/10/66 n/e
Lambda 1 Bruce Stewart/Colin Knapp George Spenton-Foster 20/10/66 b/wTR16
Level Seven J.B.Priestley/Mordecai Roshwald Rudolph Cartier 27/10/66 29/04/67* DB~b/wTR16 [3]
Second Childhood Hugh Leonard John Gorrie 10/11/66 06/05/67* n/e
The World in Silence Robert Gould/John Rankine Naomi Capon 17/11/66 n/e
The Eye Stanley Miller/Henry Kuttner Peter Sasdy 24/11/66 n/e
Tunnel Under the World David Campton/Frederick Pohl Alan Cooke 01/12/66 DB~b/wTR16
The Fastest Draw Julian Bond/Larry Eisenberg Herbert Wise 08/12/66 13/05/67* n/e
Too Many Cooks Hugh Whitmore/Larry Eisenberg John Gibson 15/12/66 n/e
Walk's End William Trevor Ian Curteis 22/12/66 n/e
Satisfaction Guaranteed Hugh Leonard/Isaac Asimov John Gorrie 29/12/66 22/04/67* n/e [4]
The Prophet Robert Muller/Isaac Asimov Naomi Capon 01/01/67 20/05/67* n/e
Immortality Inc. Jack Pulman/Robert Sheckley Terence Dudley 07/01/69 n/e
Liar! David Campton/Isaac Asimov Gerald Blake 14/01/69 n/e [4]
The Last Lonely Man Jeremy Paul/John Brunner Douglas Camfield 21/01/69 c625VT
Beach Head Robert Muller/Clifford Simak James Cellan Jones 28/01/69 03/09/70 n/e
Something in the Cellar Donal Bull Roger Jenkins 04/02/69 n/e
Random Quest Owen Holder/John Wyndham Christopher Barry 11/02/69 n/e
The Naked Sun Robert Muller/Isaac Asimov Rudolph Cartier 18/01/69 n/e
The Little Black Bag Julian Bond/C.M.Kornbluth Eric Hills 25/02/69 10/09/70 n/e [5]
1+1=1.5 Brian Hayles Michael Ferguson 04/03/69 13/09/70 n/e
The Fosters Michael Ashe Phillip Dudley 11/03/69 20/08/70 n/e
Target Generation Clive Exton/Clifford Simak Roger Jenkins 18/03/69 19/09/70 n/e
The Yellow Pill Leon Griffiths/Rog Phillips Michael Ferguson 25/03/69 27/08/70 n/e
Get Off My Cloud David Climie/Peter Phillips Peter Gregeen 01/04/69 24/09/70 n/e
Taste of Evil John Wiles Michael Ferguson 21/04/71 29/08/72 n/e
To Lay a Ghost Michael J.Bird Ken Hannam 28/04/71 12/09/72 c625VT
This Body is Mine John Tully Eric Hills 05/05/71 c625VT
Deathday Brian Hayles/Angus Hall Raymond Menmuir 12/05/71 c625VT
The Sons & Daughters of Tomorrow Edward Boyd Gerald Blake 19/05/71 08/08/72 n/e
Welcome Home Moris Farhi Eric Hills 26/05/71 c625VT
The Last Witness Martin Worth Michael Ferguson 02/06/71 22/08/72 n/e
The Man in My Head John Wiles Peter Gregeen 09/06/71 c625VT
The Chopper Nigel Kneale Peter Gregeen 16/06/71 05/09/72 n/e [6]
The Uninvited Michael J.Bird Eric Hills 23/06/71 15/08/72 n/e
The Shattered Eye David T.Chantler Peter Hammond 30/06/71 n/e [6]

b/wTR16 Black and white 16mm tele-recording
b/wTR35 Black and white 35mm tele-recording
c625VT Colour 2" 625-line PAL video tape
DB~b/wTR16 Digital-Beta copy of black and white 16mm tele-recording
n/e Does not exist in the BBC Archives

1 All first transmissions BBC2; all repeats BBC2 bar those marked *, which are BBC1.
2 The discarded original BBC Graphic Department credit sequences from these episodes exist on 16mm film in a private collection.
3 Rumours persisted for many years that this episode exists in private hands before it was actually recovered.
4 B/W clips from these episodes exist on unknown BBC documentaries [BBC1's Towards Tomorrow 28/12/67 was about robots and included an Isaac Asimov interview, and may be the source of the Satisfaction Guaranteed clip/s]
5 An approximately 28½ minute excerpt from this episode - comprising the central section of the play minus opening and closing scenes - exists on c625VT, having been discovered in January 1999 during the ongoing transfer of the BBC's stock of 2" Quad VT to digital format. Despite previous speculation, this episode is not the source of the prop featured in a clip unearthed during research for the Doctor Who documentary Thirty Years in the TARDIS.
6 Although listed as existing in BBC records, these episodes were sent abroad in the 1970s and not returned.

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