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As a painter, Alec Barton had never been more than a talented craftsman. His fiancée, Gwenn, liked his work and loved him.... until the day that genius took hold and made an artist of him.

It happened the same day that he met Lester, a derelict old meths-drinker down on the beach; the same day he had first really bitter row with Gwenn..... Overnight his work became cruel, compulsive, powerful. And Alec became silent and withdrawn.

To Gwenn, who loved him, it was a grim challenge.  But against what? The strangeness that had transformed him? The worthless tramp who had moved in with them? Or the incredible pictures themselves that had started to appear in his studio?

They were paintings that the art world wildly acclaimed, comparing their style to that of the late Milo Kovaks, the Czech artist and psychopath who died in a fire after vowing to complete his life's work.

Written by David T. Chandler.

Directed by Peter Hammond.

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