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George Pattison and his wife are middle people - income, age and class. Their imaginations are as conformist and limited as their daily lives. The one thing they have found that they can hold onto in this shifting world is each other; indeed their closeness even extends to a sort of mental telepathy.

It came as a considerable blow when George's company decided to give him a three-years overseas posting - a blow climaxing in their last night in the flat. All their furniture is in store, apart from a divan; both of them are nervous about the long journey ahead; their neighbours are insisting on wishing them luck with indigestible Spanish champagne.....

It is George who has the first hallucination: one moment the flat is bare, the next full of strange, out-moded furniture, then empty again.  He tries to ignore it. But then Millie pops along to make sure they have cleared every last thing out of the hall cupboard only to come back half fainting because of the odd trunk in there - a trunk in which she had found the body of a dead woman. Then, when George runs to look, the cupboard is empty again.

They do their best to reasure [sic] each other, agree they are both imagining things. They get into bed but neither can sleep. Before long Millie is up for some water. Her scream bring George running to the sitting room - where all that strange furniture is suddenly back again and with daylight suddenly streaming in through the windows. And worse, an ill-tempered and frightening man emerges from the shadows to talk to them. At least, it seems that way until he calls them by other names and they realise that they are caught up in some terrifying dream. And then the poor woman whom Millie had seen dead in the trunk walks into the room.

Written by Michael J. Bird.

Directed by David Chandler.

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