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Pete was not chicken. He was an aggressive, chopper-mad ton-up boy. But he was not chicken. He gave his young life proving it.... doing 104 on the motorway buzzing a Jaguar E-type just to prove it.... to prove himself and his virility.... to show off the chopper he had laboured to create.

And afterwards, when the police bought [sic] the mangled remnants of his motor cycle back to the garage of its birth, Peter came with it - in spirit if not in the flesh.

No-one knew, of course. Not phlegmatic Jimmy Reed who owned the rotting, back-alley garage; not Pete's girl Sandie, or his mate Chaser.  None of them knew - not at first. Later, when the noises started and then the vibrations, they accepted it without question. Pete had dedicated so much of his young life to the roaring lethal monster that it was obvious that they would be inseparable even in death.

That was the situation. And that is how it might have remained had magazine writer Lorna Venn not come along with her doubts and cynicism. Lorna fancied the love angle: Sandie's pillion-riding romance..... until Sandie blushingly assured her that Pete's spirit had come back to ride more than just the chopper.

Written by Nigel Kneale.

Directed by Peter Cregeen.

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