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The sound of a radio bleep, and a group of men spring instantly awake. They are in a remote shepherds hut; they are heavily armed. A guide, Ira, a girl with a foreign accent, arrives and leads them across mountain country to a point where they can gain secret access to a vast complex of tunnels.

But why are they there? Where and what is the place? They know they are part of as Strike Force, one of a new fighting elite. Their guide tells them it is a hydro-electric plant, so presumably they are to sabotage the place. But are they? Even their leader, Captain Brinson, is unsure. They know they have received a new form of subliminal briefing, and that they will remember their orders in response to fixed signals over the radio.

One of the group, Fulman, badly injured in a fall n the way in, has no doubts about who and why they are there. They are R.A.F. aircrew he insists, forced to eject over enemy territory after their plane developed an engine fault. What, he demands to know, what do they think they are doing playing at commandos and preparing to sabotage this mountain? He is very sure of his own story, derisive of theirs. But then, after all, he is injured and could be delerious, and even the rest of the group feel sure he must be wrong. And besides, even if they are not sure yet, they will be when they get their order.

But first they get support - in the form of a group of scientists sent in ahead to survey the plant. They make contact - and immediately runs into trouble. The scientists have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable sabotage point, and Hine, their leader, is not prepared to recognise Brinson as overall leader of the operation.

Written by John Wiles.

Directed by Peter Cregeen.

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