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Mr. Harris wakes up in an hotel bedroom after being washed up on the nearby beach. Half-drowned and badly cut about, he is also suffering from concussion - or so Dr. Benson concludes when Harris starts having hallucinations. These centre round the body of a girl, Ann Bateman; he sees her strangled by a young man called David, carried up from the shore, lying dead in the very same bedroom as himself while Police Sergeant Walker interrogates and then charges David with murder....

After a while Harris's condition starts to improve, his mind gaining in lucidity if not memory. The doctor even pronounces him strong enough to get out of bed ready for the flight across to a mainland hospital. But when he starts moving about, Harris is horrified to discover that he recognises the hotel and correctly anticipates the names of strangers. The hotel owner, Mrs. Kemble, is very disturbed by his mental condition and resolves to get him out of the hotel at all costs.

Written by Martin Worth.

Directed by Michael Ferguson.

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