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Psychiatrist Frank Bowers is thrilled to be returning home after six months in hospital following a motor accident. Dr. Liam Moore was hesitant about letting him go; although physically completely recovered Frank is still somewhat disturbed mentally. However, perhaps the best therapy will be for him to spend a month or two quietly with his adored wife Penny at the cottage she bought while he was in hospital.

He does not tell her he is coming; he wants his return to be a wonderful surprise. He arrives at the cottage, goes to kiss Penny. But she repulses him, says she does not know him, calls for help to a man whom she says is her husband, Dr. Frank Bowers.

Distraught, the real Frank calls the police. "What's happening? This man - this impostor using my name - has some hold over my wife!" The police shake their heads. They've never seen the real Frank Bowers before; he must be the impostor.

Written by Moris Farhi.

Directed by Eric Hills.

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