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Allen Meredith is a shy, withdrawn man whose genius as a research physicist has for years been exploited by enterprising tycoon, Jack Gregory. So long as there was money enough for his research, he was happy. But not so his wife Ann, the only person with whom Allen has found the courage to develop a relationship. To Ann, tycoon Gregory has come to represent the arch jackal..

One day, working on an advanced development of the electro-encephalograph, Allen stumbles on a fantastic new aspect of the machine: mind transference. It seems at first of little more than academic interest - until he explains it to Ann. To her it is obvious: use it to get some of the money out of which Gregory has cheated them over the years - say £100,000.

Allen is shocked, only overcoming his reluctance when Ann points out that it is their only chance of ever having any money and, anyway, this will be the ideal test for his new discovery.

Accordingly, Gregory is coerced, drugged and attached to the electro-encephalograph machine. Ann then attaches Allen to the machine, sets the dials and switches on. Several pulsating minutes later, Gregory regains consciousness, stands up and starts addressing Ann as though he were her husband. Allen recovers and, in Gregory's manner, starts having hysterics over finding himself in some-else's body. Allen's mind has been transferred to Gregory's body, and vice-versa.

Allen (G) is duly driven off in Gregory's Rolls Royce to Gregory's home, and incidental domestic chaos, while Gregory (A) remains under duress with Ann until such time as her husband can get the £100,000 transferred from Gregory's bank.

The next day turns out an absolute nightmare for the shy-natured research physicist. Trotting around in Gregory's distinctly unhealthy body he encounters a succession of unexpected snags: the tycoon has a business partner, their empire is mortgaged to the hilt, capital is unobtainable, his mistress is being held to ransom for bad debt, his wife is anticipating divorce, and inside he has ulcers......

Meanwhile, back at the physicist's home, the tycoon is beginning to enjoy himself in his new body. Such is his natural charm that, despite her insistence that he is a cheating jackal, it is not long before he starts to win Ann over. By the time Allen (G) comes limping home to complain that they are out of luck and he wants to change back, his wife and the tycoon have worked out their own scheme. Gregory (A) tells him of a nest-egg he has hidden away; if the physicist will just go and fetch it then take it to the laboratory.....

But for the mistress, they might have got away with it. Instead the physicist loses the money in payment of the tycoon's bad debt and turns up at the lab without a penny. Ann is disgusted - doubly so when the tycoon and the physicist agree to shake hands, switch back to their own bodies, and forget the whole disastrous escapade. What the two men overlook is that Ann's help is essential if the return personality switch is to be effected successfully......

Written by John Tully.

Directed by Eric Hills.

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