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On the way home from school, fifteen-year-old Diana was attacked and raped. Five years later, after extensive therapy, she married a trendy young photographer, Eric Carver. The doctor told Eric not to hurry the consummation of the marriage, but to be patient and sympathetic.

It was not too hard; Eric would have done anything for his beautiful Diana. One of the things he did do for her was to buy a house. It was not a place he cared for much, and it cost a fortune to modernise. But from the moment they were first shown over it, Diana just knew she had to live there. Just like that - had to.

Their first sight of the ghost came when Eric developed some photographs he had taken of his wife in the garden. In every print a man could be seen standing in the garden. At first Eric rationalised it as some unnoticed Peeping-Tom. But when Diana started to sleep-walk, and the evil-looking ghost showed up in a lot more prints, Eric called in Dr. Phillimore of the National Psychical Research Association.

Written by Michael J. Bird.

Directed by Ken Hannam.

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