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The strange happenings hit the new master, Stephen Chambers, from the moment her arrives at Warby Stones - shocking, sinister happenings with no foundation in logic. But then, being for ultra-intelligent boys, Warby Stones is a strange school......particularly in as much as high I.Q. is proportional to high E.S.P.

As the eerie happenings persist, Stephen tries to rationalise them as pranks stemming from the boys "Sickics" (for Psychic Phenomena) Club. But no. Even the extra-physical laws of parapsychology fail to resolve, much less silence, the nightmare things that go bump in Stephen's nights.

As pupils under the Department of Extra-Normal Education, the boys are exempted from conventional Religious Instruction. Could it be that this has left them with somewhat of a spiritual vacuum. Could it be that, in the intensity of the Black Masses they play at in the school's rambling cellars, they are somehow succeeding in invoking forces beyond the mere laws of science? Or is there in the ultimate a rational explanation even from such abstracts as God and the Devil?

Written by John Wiles.

Directed by Michael Ferguson.

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