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Guy and Mary Birkett wake up on the morning of June 15th both having had the same dream - a gigantic explosion.  However, soon the normal morning routine reasserts itself.  Guy will have to hurry over breakfast, otherwise he will be late for his job at Contro Chemicals.  Today he must be there early because it is the morning when he must make out his tax returns.  The factory slightly frightens him - he has never been able to come to terms with the Dorchin process; a process whereby a human brain pattern can be mechanically reproduced, so that the machines can actually think for themselves.  Better not to think too closely about that . . . . . .

At his office Guy finds that a little man named Swanson has been urgently trying to contact him.  Today his appointment book is full, but his secretary arranges for him to see Swanson at 9.30 a.m.  A normal day draws to a close.

Today June 15th, Guy wakes up screaming.  Again he has dreamt of an explosion.  But outside he hears the normal day's routine noises - the loudspeakers advertising Marlin's Cigarettes, or Freckle Freezers, just as usual.  At the restaurant where he eats his lunch he is persuaded, just as his wife has been, to buy a Freckle Freezer, though he doesn't want one.  A little man named Stevenson has made an appointment for tomorrow.

The next day, June 15th, everything goes wrong, both at the office and at home.  Last thing at night all the fuses blow.  While he is trying to mend them he is knocked unconscious.  He remains in the fuse cupboard all night, failing to notice the two midnight intrudors [sic] who place a pair of earphones carefully over his wife Mary's head as she lies asleep.

(For his wife the next morning again will be June 15th.  But he hasn't received the brainwashing treatment.  He can remember the day before.  At his office, Swanson rings.  He too has recognised what is happening.  The two meet at the retaurant where Guy lunches.  And from there, in a long tunnel connecting the restaurant to Contro Chemicals, they begin to discover the truth.  Dorchin, inventor of the machine humanising process is behind it all.  When an explosion at the factory caused the death of the town's inhabitants, he converted them all into robots, while at the same time he was able to test the efficacy of his advertising processes.  But because such a process would be expensive using life-size dolls, Dorchin used instead scale models.  Guy and his wife are living their lives on a table top!)

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