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The TV Quiz Show "You Bet A Million" is only open to millionaires; contestants failing to answer a simple question stand to lose a million, but if they answer correctly they win either a million or "The prize that is beyond price".  In Charles Dennistoun's case this turns out to be Doctor Keppler's [sic] rejuvenation process.

(His family are watching the programme with mixed feelings.  Up till now, the process has been reserved for deserving cases only; benefactors of mankind, or great artists have been eligible.  This is the first time it has ever been given away in a TV Quiz Show.  And now Charles has accepted it in preference to a cool, million.  Tearfully his wife Betty waves him off at the Airport, where he is bound for Heppler's Clinic high in the Austrian Alps.  For Charles to be made young again will mean for her the end of their married life, or so she thinks.

At the Clinic, the treatment is spectacularly successful. Heppler tells Charles that he will look like a man of thirty.  Asked why he hasn't used the treatment on himself, Heppler confides that since being accidentally exposed to radiation, and consequently having a weak heart, the process, for him, would be dangerous.  He has however used it on his wife Odile who assists him.  Finding his vitality miraculously restored, Charles and Odile have an affair.  When Heppler finds evidence of his wife's infidelity, the shock brings on a further heart attack which kills him. With Heppler dead disaster strikes.  Only Heppler knew the secret of stopping the reverse ageing process, and now there is nothing to stop Charles from getting younger indefinitely.

The date arrives for his return to England.  His family wait apprehensively.  Suddenly an enormous Rolls drives up.  When Betty opens the door she finds a tiny baby on the doorstep.)

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