Star Begotten/Weird/Soft Targets/625

Premiere British A5 Doctor Who and telefantasy fanzines of the late-80s/early-90s, or overly-analytical cliquey self-indulgence?  Take a look at what we did and decide for yourself.  Whatever, minor local TV and radio personality James Whale never missed an issue (allegedly), and here he is with a copy of #14 to prove it....

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nigel Kneale & Rudolph Cartier's classic and controversial 1954 adaptation of George Orwell's novel.

The Caves of Steel

An in-depth look at the early BBC2 adaptation of Isaac Asimov's novel, starring Peter Cushing.

Time in Advance

The BBC's only attempt at an anthology series of serious science fiction plays (and only the second in UK TV history),  through four seasons Out of the Unknown presented ground-breaking literary adaptations, as well as original stories.

"British Telefantasy Began in 1963...."


Kate Hardie Screenography

    The Other Man [ITV 07/09/64]
    The Wednesday Play: Campaign for One [BBC1 03/03/65]
    Scotch on the Rocks [BBC1 11/05-08/06/73]

Star T.V. & Film Annual 1966: Armchair Theatre




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