Innes Lloyd

Although Welsh-born Innes Lloyd began his television career working on popular series such as Doctor Who, Thirty-Minute Theatre, and Dead of Night, he will best be remembered as the producer of more prestigious drama. His chosen projects were often biographical, the subjects including Orde Wingate (1972), Reith (1983), the spies Wynne and Penkovsky (1984), Donald Campbell in Across the Lake (1988) starring Anthony Hopkins, and the controversial Bomber Harris (1989). He was a frequent collaborator with Alan Bennett, producing his series Objects of Affection in 1982 (which included a repeat of 1972's A Day Out) and Talking Heads (1989), and the plays Sunset Across the Bay (1975), The Insurance Man (1985), and 102 Boulevard Haussmann (1990).

Bennett's An Englishman Abroad told the remarkable true story of the chance meeting between actress Coral Browne (playing herself) and spy Guy Burgess (Alan Bates) in Moscow in 1958, while A Question of Attribution (finished shortly before Lloyd's death in 1991) was a logical sequel, showing the radically different fate of Keeper of the Queen's Paintings and fellow traitor Anthony Blunt. James Fox played Blunt and David Calder his mild-mannered MI5 interrogator, while initial controversy over the inclusion of a speculated meeting between Blunt and the Queen herself was rapidly dispelled by Prunella Scales' likeable and affectionate performance. Both plays were directed by John Schlesinger.

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[Biography as submitted for inclusion in The Guinness Book of Classic British TV (1996, 2nd edition), with minor corrections]

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