Rudolph Cartier Select Screenography/Archive Guide

The Man From Morocco (1) [Film] 1945 -----
The Man Who Disappeared (2) [Film] 1951 -----
Sunday Night Theatre: Arrow to the Heart BBCtv 20/07/52 n/e
Arrow to the Heart [live repeat] BBCtv 24/07/52 n/e
The Dybbuk BBCtv 21/10/52 n/e
Portrait of Peter Perowne BBCtv 02/12/52 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: It is Midnight, Doctor Schweitzer BBCtv 22/02/53 n/e
It is Midnight, Doctor Schweitzer [live repeat] BBCtv 26/02/53 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: L'Aiglon BBCtv 12/04/53 n/e
L'Aiglon [live repeat] BBCtv 16/04/53 n/e
The Quatermass Experiment: Contact Has Been Established BBCtv 18/07/53 b/wTR35
The Quatermass Experiment: Persons Reported Missing BBCtv 25/07/53 b/wTR35
The Quatermass Experiment: Very Special Knowledge BBCtv 01/08/53 n/e
The Quatermass Experiment: Believed to be Suffering BBCtv 08/08/53 n/e
The Quatermass Experiment: An Unidentified Species BBCtv 15/08/53 n/e
The Quatermass Experiment: State of Emergency BBCtv 22/08/53 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Operation Northstar BBCtv 25/10/53
Sunday Night Theatre: Wuthering Heights BBCtv 06/12/53 n/e
Wuthering Heights [live repeat] BBCtv 10/12/53 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Sacrifice to the Wind BBCtv 26/01/54 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Such Men are Dangerous BBCtv 28/02/54 n/e
Such Men are Dangerous [live repeat] BBCtv 04/03/54 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: That Lady BBCtv 02/05/54 n/e
That Lady [live repeat] BBCtv 06/05/54 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Captain Banner BBCtv 08/08/54 n/e
Captain Banner [live repeat] BBCtv 12/08/54 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Nineteen Eighty-Four BBCtv 12/12/54 n/e
Nineteen Eighty-Four [live repeat] BBCtv 16/12/54 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: The Creature BBCtv 30/01/55 n/e
The Creature [live repeat] BBCtv 03/02/55 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: The Moment of Truth BBCtv 06/03/55 n/e
The Moment of Truth [live repeat] BBCtv 10/03/55 n/e
Vale of Shadows BBCtv 26/077/55
Quatermass II: The Bolts BBCtv 22/10/55 b/wTR35
Quatermass II: The Mark BBCtv 29/10/55 b/wTR35
Quatermass II: The Food BBCtv 05/11/55 b/wTR35
Quatermass II: The Coming BBCtv 12/11/55 b/wTR35
Quatermass II: The Frenzy BBCtv 19/11/55 b/wTR35
Quatermass II: The Destroyers BBCtv 26/11/55 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: The Devil's General BBCtv 18/12/55 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: The White Falcon BBCtv 05/02/56 b/wTR16neg
Sunday Night Theatre: The Mayerling Affair BBCtv 11/03/56 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: The Fugitive BBCtv 01/07/56 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: The Cold Light BBCtv 29/07/56 b/wTR35neg
The Saint of Bleecker Street [opera] BBCtv 04/10/56 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: Dark Victory BBCtv 18/11/56 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Clive of India BBCtv 30/12/56 n/e
The Queen and the Rebels BBCtv 14/02/57 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: The Public Prosecutor BBCtv 07/04/57 n/e
Salome BBCtv 26/09/57 b/wTR35
Ordeal by Fire BBCtv 31/10/57 n/e
Sunday Night Theatre: Counsellor-at-Law BBCtv 08/12/57 n/e
Television World Theatre: The Captain of Keopenick BBCtv 19/01/58 n/e
The Winslow Boy BBCtv 13/03/58 n/e
A Tale of Two Cities [opera] BBCtv 02/10/58 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: A Midsummer Night's Dream BBCtv 09/11/58 b/wTR35
Passionate Summer (3) [Film]


Quatermass and the Pit: The Halfmen BBCtv 22/12/58 b/wTR35
Quatermass and the Pit: The Ghosts BBCtv 29/12/58 b/wTR35
Quatermass and the Pit: Imps and Demons BBCtv 05/01/59 b/wTR35
Quatermass and the Pit: The Enchanted BBCtv 12/01/59 b/wTR35
Quatermass and the Pit: The Wild Hunt BBCtv 19/01/59 b/wTR35
Quatermass and the Pit: Hob BBCtv 26/01/59 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Theatre: The Phildelphia Story BBCtv 14/06/59 n/e
Television World Theatre: Mother Courage and Her Children BBCtv 30/06/59 b/wTR35? (4)
Othello [Verdi's Otello - opera] BBCtv 01/10/59 NFTVA
Twentieth Century Theatre: The White Guard BBCtv 31/01/60 b/wTR16
Glorious Morning BBCtv 10/04/60 n/e
Tobias and the Angel [opera] BBCtv 19/05/60 b/wTR35
Rashomon BBCtv 03/03/61 b/wTR35
Adventure Story BBCtv 12/06/61 b/wTR35
Maigret: The Golden Fleece BBCtv 04/12/61 b/wTR35
Maigret: The Liars BBCtv 18/12/61 b/wTR35
Anna Karenina BBCtv 03/11/61 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Play: Cross of Iron BBCtv 19/11/61 n/e
Wuthering Heights BBCtv 11/05/62 b/wTR35
Sunday Night Play: Sword of Vengeance BBCtv 29/07/62 n/e
Studio 4: Dr Korczak and the Children BBCtv 13/08/62 b/wTR35
The Aspern Papers BBCtv 18/11/62 n/e
Carmen [opera] BBCtv 20/12/62 n/e
Anna Christie BBCtv 04/01/63 n/e
Sunday Night Play: Night Express BBCtv 11/08/63 n/e
Z Cars: Nothing Serious BBCtv 08/05/63 n/e
Z Cars: Scare BBCtv 05/06/63 b/wTR16
Festival: Stalingrad BBCtv 04/12/63 b/wTR16
Maigret: Peter the Lett BBCtv 17/12/63 b/wTR35
Festival: The Respectful Prostitute BBCtv 08/01/64 n/e
Festival: The Lady of the Camellias BBCtv 12/02/64 n/e
The Wednesday Play: The July Plot BBC1 09/12/64 n/e
The Midnight Men: The Man From Miditz BBC2 21/06/64 n/e (5/6)
The Midnight Men: The King Shall Die BBC2 28/06/64 n/e (5)
The Midnight Men: Time of Danger BBC2 05/07/64 n/e (5)
The Midnight Men: The Proxy BBC2 12/07/64 n/e (5)
The Midnight Men: The King's Business BBC2 19/07/64 b/wTR35 (5/7)
The Midnight Men: Promise to Kill BBC2 26/07/64 n/e (5)
Thursday Theatre: The Wings of the Dove BBC2 14/01/65 n/e
Theatre 625: Ironhand BBC2 11/04/65 b/wTR16
Play of the Month: The Joel Brand Story BBC1 14/12/65 n/e
Play of the Month: Gordon of Khartoum BBC1 18/01/66 n/e
Play of the Month: Lee Oswald - Assassin BBC1 15/03/66 b/wTR35
Out of the Unknown: Level Seven BBC2 27/10/66 n/e (8)
Thirty Minute Theatre: Brainscrew BBC2 12/12/66 n/e
Theatre 625: Firebrand BBC2 02/07/67 n/e (9)
Theatre 625: The Burning Bush BBC2 12/11/67 n/e
Thirty Minute Theatre: The News-Benders BBC2 10/01/68 c625VT -> D3
Theatre 625: The Fanatics BBC2 29/04/68 b/w35mmTR
Late Night Horror: The Triumph of Death BBC2 10/05/68 n/e
Thirty-Minute Theatre: These Men are Dangerous#2 - Hitler BBC2 27/01/69 n/e
Out of the Unknown: The Naked Sun BBC2 18/02/69 n/e
Thirty-Minute Theatre: Conversations at Night BBC2 08/05/69 n/e
The Rebel [opera] BBC1 04/04/69
Play of the Month: An Ideal Husband BBC1 11/05/69 c625VT -> D3
Rembrandt BBC2 18/12/69 n/e (10)
The Bear [opera] ??/??/70
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Year of the Crow BBC2 02/10/70 n/e
Thirty-Minute Theatre: The Proposal BBC2 15/02/71 n/e
Play of the Month: Lady Windermere's Fan BBC1 15/05/72 n/e
Play of the Month: The Deep Blue Sea BBC1 17/03/74 n/e
Fall of Eagles: Dress Rehearsal BBC1 10/05/74 c625VT -> D3
Fall of Eagles: End Game BBC1 07/06/74 c625VT -> D3
Play of the Month: Loyalties BBC1 29/02/76 c625VT -> D3
Gaslight 1977 (11)

b/wTR16 Black and white 16mm tele-recording
b/wTR16neg Black and white 16mm tele-recording negative
b/wTR35 Black and white 35mm tele-recording
b/wTR35neg Black and white 35mm tele-recording negative
c625VT Colour 2" 625-line PAL video tape
NFTVA Copy exists in the National Film & Television Archive - format unknown
n/e Does not exist in the BBC Archives

1 As writer of original story
2 As producer.  This was originally intended as a pilot for a television film series, but was eventually released theatrically as a second-feature.
3 As director
4 Documentary footage exists of the making of this play.
5 Silent film inserts exists.
6 Unedited b/wTR16 exists.
7 The final sound-mix for this episode does not exist.
8 Rumours persist that this episode exists in private hands.
9 Reels 1 & 4 of 4 exist on b/wTR35.
10 An extract exists on D3.
11 Uncompleted.

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